About Us

We created this company to help stop people from putting the stuff on their skin that is falsely called "natural." If you don't have to put chemicals on your skin, then why do it? We at Gi Soap are bringing you the best ingredients to clean, protect and refresh your skin, the natural way. We do not use any harsh chemicals in our products and almost everything is Vegan and Eco friendly. We want to keep you training, competing and playing harder by keeping your skins impurities free, the natural way. Our products, with our custom ingredients, have been proven to keep your skin nourished and healthy. GI Soap will also help your acne, dandruff and of course dry skin. Don't just take our word for it, try it and see for yourself. You'll never hit the showers again without a bar or body wash of GI Soap!

Our Mission:

We will continue to bring you the best products available to keep you clean and fresh with every use. We strive for excellence with what we produce and no batch is untested. All products are made in small quantities so that we are sure that you will get the highest quality product without having to reach too deep into your pockets. What we are trying to do is something that most of the other run of the mill company's don't offer. We want to give back to the community and help out where we can. Everyone knows when you feel good, you do good. That's something we want to do for everyone. Together we can stop destroying our skin with harsh detergents that are both watered down and machine made.

 How it all Started:

Hey everyone Marcel Oliveira here. I have been training BJJ for about 10 years now and I hold a ranking of Black Belt in our beloved sport. I also hold a ranking of Black Belt in karate which took me nearly 15 years to earn. I'm an avid competitor as well, and have been since the second week of training!  I have been doing martial arts since the age of 5 years old. BJJ is my passion and without it I would be lost! So let me tell you about Gi Soap! It started a few years back: I would say about 7, almost 8 years ago; I started making these when I was beginning to only eat healthy and train extremely hard for tournaments. I was showering 3 times a day with extremely hot water. This caused my skin to be dry and I had to keep putting tons of lotion on to aid in the already terrible skin I had. I couldn’t take it anymore already having bad dry skin that at times would have minor cracks on the skin and it caused me to keep catching infections from the dirty guys training. So I began making my own soap out of my own kitchen for myself, which by the way I nearly burnt the house down. After one bar was done I gave it to my family and friends and training partners. They loved it! From there people kept asking for more and also giving me input on what was good or bad and that’s what the product ended up today. All natural soap and body wash. Everything we do, from making the bars to packaging is done by hand with care and under my super picky supervision. I use the best ingredients to make you feel like you have brand new skin. I also promised myself I would never make massive batches in order to keep the best quality. I would rather make 100 bars of pure awesomeness then 1000 bars of junk!! I also wanted to be able to help people out with what I created and shortly after we have been able to donate to charity events & foundations every month!  Thank you for each and everyone one of you who has bought, tagged, snaped, shared our Items & for the on going support!! With out you guys/gals this wouldn't be possible!! :) 

Love you all!! :D



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